Custom Made

If you need something made in PVC or Canvas chances are we can help. We design and manufacture bespoke products for a wide range of clients. The trickier the job the more we love it! Some of our more unique projects are outlined below. From giant water tank covers to small radio pouches we can find a solution for your project.

Conveyor Belt Cover: Dominion Salt

We were asked to design and manufacture a conveyor belt cover that was situated outside and needed protection from rain water. The conveyor belt carries salt upwards but rain makes the salt slip on the conveyor belt so we designed a waterproof cover that was to be fitted within the steel frame work of the conveyor belt. It was imperative that the cover was to be manufactured for the inside of the frame work so that the rain would naturally wash the frame whilst still providing a waterproof layer to protect the belt. We worked closely with the Dominion Salt project manager and engineers to design the finished product so that it would meet their expectations. Once the cover was completed we had the pleasure of installing this custom product onsite and worked with Dominion Salt to ensure the project was executed correctly.

Kaimai Tunnel Project: KiwiRail / Vitruvius

The Kaimai Tunnel used by KiwiRail is closed on Saturdays and Sundays and needs to be accessed for maintenance however the tunnel is over 7km long and when there is no wind flow the oxygen levels drop too low for anyone to be in the tunnel safely. So we were challenged to design a solution to this problem and together with a team of contractors and Vitruvius, the civil engineers, it was decided that we would manufacture a door, at the Waikato entrance to the tunnel, out of 900gsm structural PVC, with a 2m fan outlet. A large industrial fan could then be attached to pump air into the tunnel. This ensures there is enough air in the tunnel, raising the oxygen levels so that contractors can safely work inside the tunnel. This has been a very successful project and certainly one of our most unusual requests. The door has been very successful and has meant that thousands of wasted hours due to lack of airflow are no longer an issue in this tunnel.

Drying Shed Curtains: Hume Pine NZ Ltd

Hume Pine in Rotorua needed to cover up multiple timber bays to keep the weather out and minimise wasted product due to water damage. We manufactured six timber shed curtains and came to site to install the curtains and supply all the hardware including wires and tensioners. Having the ability to provide a complete design, manufacture and install service helps our clients by eliminating multiple contractors on site and stream line the whole process from start to finish.

Timber Drying Shed Covers: Roundwood New Zealand

We were approached by a well-established business from the great town of Tokoroa to manufacture a kiln timber shed cover for their timber treatment plant and welcomed the opportunity to be a part of yet another customised job which always keeps the boys on their toes in the workshop. The existing covers had been in place for many years and had done a great job however we were asked to produce a product which kept the heat in more efficiently and as such designed an internal thermal structure that would ensure as much heat as possible was retained inside the kiln. The finished product looked great and has proven to be very efficient at keeping the heat in as requested.