Fumigation Covers

Typically fumigation covers are quite large but we can make any size to suit your needs. We have made fumigation covers for containers 20m x 15m as well as large fumigation covers for log stacks up to 100m x 25m.


Large covers are manufactured in Polyethylene with a weight of 285gsm.

Reusable – once the covers have been used to fumigate goods they can be used multiple times. The fumigant becomes inactive and the covers are safe for reuse.

Fumigation covers with or without eyelets and ropes depending on requirements.

Small covers can be manufactured in Ripstop PVC 700gsm

Large range of colours and any logos or branding can be added as required.

Sand bags to seal the covers to the ground once goods are covered.

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Top Tips

Once the covers have been used it is important to roll the cover off the goods taking care not to rip them on any sharp edges. The fumigation covers can be stored outside if necessary but ensure that they are rolled tightly and secure edges so no wind damage occurs.

Background Information

Fumigation Covers are used to drape over goods before fumigation, such as logs, timber, containers or fruit etc. They can even be used to fumigate large vessels. They are generally made of a polyethylene material and are both airtight and waterproof. The fumigation covers need to be sealed so the fumigant can be pumped in. Eyelets can be added to tie the covers down or the fumigation covers can be used in conjunction with sandbags to weigh down the edges.