Truck Tarps

We manufacture every tarp to suit individual needs, deck length and loads being carried.


PVC - Heavy duty 700gsm Ripstop PVC with a four year UV warranty.

High frequency welded and sewn reinforcements around the perimeter at 1m centres.

All edges around the Truck Tarp perimeter are heavily reinforced and have 12mm stainless steel eyelets in each reinforcement with 2m long 8mm Ropes.

Canvas - Superstop Ripstop Canvas 12oz with a three year UV warranty.

Range of colours available.






Tarpaulin Makers are a certified manufacturer of Curtainsiders. All our curtains are rated to 3,100kg per meter or 1860kg per strap.

Tipping Truck & Trailer Covers

Standard rollover covers with a 25mm aluminum pole rolling over from driver's side to the passenger's side of the unit with stretch cord to the fixed anchor points to the truck/trailer. These covers require the user to get up onto the truck/trailer deck

Elliptical Tipping Truck & Trailer Covers

These use a universal joint knuckle and long handle giving the ability to roll the cover up from the ground. These systems also have no stretch cord making the loading/ unloading time much more economical. This means that the operator does not need to get on top of the truck unit to open the cover. Elliptical Tipping Truck & Trailer Covers open from the driver's side to the passenger's side and use a rolling technique to open the cover.

Top Tips

Background Information

Truck Tarps are typically made from PVC or a combination of PVC and Canvas and they are used for covering flatdeck truck and trailer loads. The Truck Tarps are specifically designed to protect the goods from the elements, there is no structural component to the tarps and as such the goods need to be secured before the Tarps are put in place. Health & Safety regulations and site policies means accessing the top of the load without a harness unacceptable. Our cover options allow the user to remain on the ground whilst operating the cover. The Elliptical covers mean the user does NOT go on top of the unit remaining safely on the ground leaving less room for accidents and keeping in line with new regulations.

Care & Maintenance

Ensure that when covers are in the open position that they are rolled away tightly. They can remain like this but it is our recommendation that covers should be closed regardless of the unit being empty or fully loaded and only opened to load/unload. Tests have shown that it is more fuel efficient to travel with the covers in this position and it will help maintain the life of the covers as they will be well secured in the closed position preventing any unnecessary damage.

Background Information

Tipping Truck & Trailer covers are used to cover the top opening on solid body truck and trailer units used for transporting bulk goods. The Truck canvas covers are required to protect the goods from the weather and to stop any cargo from flying away. They need to be easily retractable for quick loading/ unloading. When the cover is not in use it can be stored neatly to either the side or the front of the bin.